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What is Taekwon?

Taekwon is a fun comic book for learning ITF Taekwon-Do. It will enable students to learn the various techniques and knowledge required for their upcoming belt grading.

Each page demonstrates the movements and techniques in a clear and precise manner. The explanations accompany the illustrations, providing simple and concise instructions.

Whether you are an enthusiastic child or a curious adult, Taekwon will be your best ally to start your practice and accompany you throughout your progress.

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Fun and educational

All the basic techniques are illustrated, along with detailed instructions. Perfect your knowledge with our fun games and exercises.

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Taekwon is available in both French and English. Furthermore, we are delighted to offer a special discount for clubs and bulk orders. This exclusive offer allows clubs to benefit from a discounted price when ordering multiple books. It’s the perfect opportunity for clubs to build up their library and offer their members an enriching reading experience.

Important note: Taekwon is currently only available in Europe, but we’re doing our utmost to make it available worldwide. Follow us to be notified as soon as this happens.


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The next volume will be released very soon!

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